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Deck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Deck in Great Shape

Care for Your Decks!

Decks are wonderful outdoor features, but if you want to keep them looking clean and new, you must undertake routine deck maintenance. The lifespan of your deck is greatly affected by upkeep because these outdoor structures are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, including foot traffic and continuous exposure to the elements. Follow these tips to maintain your deck.

Clean your deck

Although it is typical for dirt, leaves, and other material to fall into the spaces between the wooden planks, you should never let them remain there. The debris must be removed, the deck swept, and the deck hosed down each week to give it a quick cleaning. A major problem like wood rot can result from leaving trash, dirt, and garden waste to accumulate. You can stop water from running off by putting off the duty of eliminating this green garbage. Water will collect on the boards as a result, and this could lead to warping and twisting of the boards.

Coat your deck

At least twice a year, in direct sunshine, you should recoat your deck if you want it to look clean, fresh, and well-maintained. Poorly maintained decks have an aged, grubby appearance. Applying two coats of superior deck coating is necessary to prevent your deck from acquiring these traits. By sprinkling little water on the boards, you may quickly determine whether your deck needs to be refinished. You should have your deck coated as soon as possible if the water soaks into the wood rather than beading off, which indicates that your coating is still effective.

Seal your deck

A wonderful approach to make sure you provide your deck the maximum protection against sunshine is to seal it. When you seal your deck, water will bounce off and the wood won’t stay wet for very long. Think of it as a combination of waterproofing and sunscreen. While the wood is left exposed to the elements, decks without a seal or color often need to be replaced sooner rather than later. This will result in the wood splitting, cracking, and sometimes even rotting.

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