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Reasons to Book a Quality Deck Repair Service

Common Deck Problems

Your deck is the place for BBQs, sunsets, and good times. But what happens when that wooden paradise starts showing its age? From loose boards to rotten wood, deck problems can sneak up on you. Let’s tackle these issues head-on so you can get back to grilling and chilling. Use a quality deck repair service for remarkable results!

Rotting Wood

When wood rots, it’s game over. Moisture is the enemy here, often seeping into unprotected wood. Regularly check the wood’s condition and apply sealant as needed. Keep an eye out for rot, especially near water spigots and planters.

Loose Boards

Ever had that heart-stopping moment where a board shifts underfoot? Loose boards are a tripping hazard. Screws can corrode over time or the wood can expand and contract. Make it a habit to check for any unstable boards and secure them.

Fading Color

Sun, rain, and time can make your deck lose its vibrant color. Faded decks look old and worn. Luckily, this is mostly cosmetic. A new coat of paint or stain can revitalize your outdoor space, making it look almost new.


Nothing ruins barefoot deck time like a splinter. Wood naturally weathers and can develop splinters. A thorough sanding can usually fix this issue, followed by a coat of sealant to keep the wood smooth.

Mildew and Mold

Shady decks or those in humid climates are prone to mold and mildew. Besides being unsightly, it can also make the deck slippery. Scrubbing with a deck cleaner can help, but you’ll also need to address the cause—perhaps by trimming overhead branches to let in more sunlight.

Structural Issues

Sometimes problems go deeper than the surface. Weak posts, shaky railings, or termite damage can all compromise your deck’s structural integrity. If you notice these issues, it might be time to call in the professionals.

Your deck should be a haven, not a headache. Stay ahead of these common problems, and you’ll extend the life of your outdoor oasis. Simple fixes can prevent costly repairs later, so don’t wait. Turn to J & S Handi-Fam Services LLC for a quality deck repair service in Centennial, CO. For inquiries, call (303) 223-0625!

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